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Grow Your Vision

Enthusiastic people always find a way to develop and eventually they will find their passion in it. What began at the end of the first Jet Age as a plane spotter has continued in aviation photography, after an excursion into landscape and architectural photography.

For me, airplanes and the excitement of flying stand for emotions, elegance and dynamism. In my photos I kindle the interpretation of this feeling.

Sometime in the late 1970s I visited Zurich Airport for the first time. My enthusiasm sparked immediately and obviously also sustainably, because to this day I indulge in civil aviation. I can't say exactly what sparked this virus. But no matter, thanks to him I have experienced so many unforgettable moments and meanwhile also followed a nice piece of aviation history.

During the turn of the millennium, I temporarily shifted my photographic work to landscape, city and architectural photography. In hindsight, this diversification turned out to be an instructive experience in expanding my photographic horizons. But now my focus is back on aviation, where I am increasingly involved in self-imposed projects. I like finding thematic niches and developing myself photographically in them.

I try to implement many of my newer photos in the 'fine art style'. It is not about a realistic implementation, but rather about an interpretation of the experience, expressed with my own styles. So image processing, although not my great passion, is of greater importance. The amount of time involved varies and sometimes, after hours of work, everything starts all over again. But in the end what counts is what you like.

My name is Andy and I am an Aviation Photographer from Zurich, Switzerland.

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