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What started early still is. My passion for aviation has hardly changed over the last 50 years, only the photography has to some extent.


In the early 80's I photographed with slide films. Actually, there is no longer any comparison with todays highly developed digital photography. Before, choosing the right slide film, storing it, transporting it, security checks at airports, developing it, labelling the slides and storing them correctly is nowadays all done by using a chip in the camera, which is about the size of a thumb.


You also had to trust your own photographic skills, because checking the correct exposure or sharpness was not possible on the back of the camera, but only after the delivery of the fully developed slides, i.e. usually about a week later or so. So it could happen that only then you found out that the light sensitivity was not set correctly, the exposure correction was not applied or applied wrongly or - no less annoying - an error during film development in the laboratory severely spoiled the joy of a long-awaited trip afterwards. Actually, and I'm grateful for that, I was largely spared such annoyances or disappointments, but these kind of stories made the rounds from time to time among the community.


​Today you have a lot of control over how a photo should be created. Image editing has become enormously important and gives every photographer the freedom on how to show their photos. If you photograph in RAW format, the photo can also be reprocessed as often as you like!​


But history would not be history if the past could be changed. So on this page I show photos from the 80s, 90s and early 00 years as I took them all over the world. The slides were then made on Kodachrome and Fuji Provia films and some have been digitized later.​ Below you find a small selection of what has been accumulated over the years.


All slides are also available for purchase as originals. Please let me know if you are interested.

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